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Do You Qualify For An Annulment?

Ohio statute governs the termination of a marriage through annulment. The fact patterns permitting annulments at the time this article was written are as follows:

  1. When the party seeking an annulment was under the age permissible for marriage when the marriage occurred.
  2. When the other spouse was still married to another contemporaneously with your marriage.
  3. When either party to the marriage is adjudicated to be mentally incompetent.
  4. When either spouse agreed to marriage only as a result of some kind of fraud.
  5. When you consented to marriage only after a threat of force
  6. When the marriage was not consummated.

It is also important to note, though, that cohabitation after curing the underlying reason for annulment can cure the defect and prevent an annulment. However, a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation could still be sought. The rules around an annulment can be confusing, so we recommend you seek competent family law counsel to advise you if you think you might want to pursue an annulment.

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