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Divorce basics in Ohio

The divorce process in Ohio is controlled, in large part, by Ohio statute. Ohio statute also sets forth the residency requirements that dictate when Ohio can legally hear your divorce complaint.

A divorce can be resolved by agreement between the parties. However, if parties are unable to reach an agreement by themselves, they can try the their unresolved issue or issues to the court. The court will then issue an order that resolves the dispute between the parties and finalizes the divorce.

There are several ways spouses might be able to separate in Ohio. Generally speaking, though, spouses turn to one of two ways to terminate their marriage: A divorce or a dissolution. See our blog posting on Ways to Legally Terminate your Marriage for additional information on the other ways to terminate a marriage..

Four issues are addressed in most divorces. First, and the issue that must be resolved in all cases, is division of marital property — all marital assets and marital debts. Next, many marriages involve children, which adds two other broad issues for resolution: parenting time and child support. And, finally,spousal support must be addressed when terminating a marriage.

Spouses must be thorough in addressing their issues during divorce to ensure everything is properly dealt with. If an issue is missed, the divorce case may need to be re-opened and begun again to address the missed issue or issues. Although, sometimes, missing an issue forever bars it from consideration by the court, which may cause serious harm.