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Spousal support basics in Ohio

A court has the power to award either spouse spousal support. Spousal support is referred to as alimony by some, though that term is rarely used in the current day in Ohio courts.

When courts consider awarding spousal support, they look at the factors identified in Ohio Revised Code 3105.18. These factors include the income of both spouses presently, in the past, and what each spouse is capable of making; the spouses’ mutual lifestyle; and other equitable factors.

When support is awarded to one spouse, it usually comes with limitations. The most common limitation is one of time. Spousal support payments are often limited to a period of years, but you should contact an attorney for the specific estimate for your case. Spousal support can also terminate in other ways, including remarriage by the receiving spouse or the death of either ex-spouse.

Ohio has no definite guideline on calculating spousal support. Rather the particular court’s discretion and the facts of each individual case dictate the outcome.