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The Basics of Establishing Parenting Time and Custody in Ohio

Parenting time is an issue related to the concept of “child custody.”

As in most of the divorce process, parties can largely control child custody if they can reach a complete agreement between themselves, otherwise a court order will decide the issue.

If parents cannot reach a reasonable agreement, they must try the issue to the court for an order that directs child custody and visitation. The focus at the trial is on the child and what is best for the child; not on the parents and what is most convenient for them.

In preparation for trial, parents should be prepared for an investigation of the various relationships and lifestyles — often through a guardian ad litem appointed by the court.

At trial, the focus is on the best interests of the child. Testimony and evidence can become quite contentious and affect the parents’ relationship for years to come. Although, much of the trial may take evidence on where the child currently lives and where the child goes to school, the child’s friends and support networks, and the child’s extracurricular activities.

If you desire more detailed information, feel free to visit the Ohio Supreme Court’s website to read their parenting guide.