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How can I make my divorce affordable?

There are multiple concerns associated with divorce, but most people pay more attention to the end result. For example, many people worry about how much money they may need to pay in alimony, or what sort of child custody they have.
However, the process of divorce itself can be quite expensive, even before you consider property division, child support, and other associated expenses. According to Forbes Magazine, the best way to save money on your divorce is to remain on amicable terms with your ex-spouse. 
How does friendliness save money? 
By far, the most expensive divorce is a trial divorce. A trial divorce usually involves multiple lawyers, paralegals, and judges. Naturally, the involvement of multiple legal professionals increases the cost of the divorce. 
If you are in a position to be able to negotiate divorce terms calmly and productively with your ex-spouse, you may be able to choose a collaborative or mediated divorce. In these varieties of divorce, judges are not directly involved and there may not even be a need for separate lawyers. 
What can I do if I am not on good terms with my ex-spouse? 
However, if you are not on productive speaking terms with your ex-spouse, your only option may be a trial divorce. If this is the case, you can still save money on your divorce by ensuring that all of your assets are in order and fully documented before contacting a lawyer. Lawyers usually work on a billable hours system, and, in many divorces, the lawyers spend most of their time tracking down and documenting assets.