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Is there a right way to tell your child about divorce?

Ohio parents have a big hurdle to face when discussing divorce. This first hurdle is looping your child in on the situation. How do you tell your child that their parents will not be together anymore? Is there any way to break the news that is better than the others?

Your number one goal is to limit the damage you may cause with this news. Some degree of hurt is unavoidable. But there are ways that you can discuss divorce that cause less harm.

Taking your child into consideration when planning

Psychology Today looks at some ways you can tell your child about divorce. In essence, there is no one right way to tell a child about divorce. How you break the news depends on many different things. You should take your child’s age into consideration, as well as their maturity level. Consider their personality, too. Take your family situation on a whole into mind.

Time your conversation well

But there are certain tips that tend to make the situation easier for kids to understand or accept. The first is remaining unified with your co-parent. This is often hard for obvious reasons. But you should not argue in the middle of the conversation. You should not hold the conversation right after an argument either. Your kid will likely pick up on the tension and it may color their perception of what you say.

Be open with information, too. You do not need to tell your kid everything. In fact, you should not. But you can let them know what to expect in the future regarding changes to your family life. This helps remove some of the unknown factors from the divorce, which can make it less scary.