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Is this a sign of parental alienation?

As Ohio co-parents, you may end up in arguments at points. This is natural. After all, you did go through a divorce. Even amiable divorces can end with a little bit of bad blood or stressed feelings. 

But what happens when your co-parent takes it a step too far? What if they start trying to turn your child against you? This has the potential to devastate your relationship with your own child. It can cause traumatic damage to all involved parties. 

How does parental alienation happen?

Psychology Today looks at parental alienation and the syndrome related to it. Parental alienation occurs when your co-parent tries to turn your child against you. There are many tactics by which a co-parent accomplishes this. In most cases, your co-parent may exaggerate negative things about you. In others, they may outright lie. For example, you cannot always turn up to every event of your child’s. This happens to every working parent. But a co-parent trying to drive a wedge between you may lie and tell your child that you are not interested in coming. 

What are potential signs?

Signs of parental alienation can include: 

  • Your child suddenly showing reluctance to spend time with you 
  • Your child parroting back disparaging things about you that are above their level of understanding 
  • Your child stating that they do not like you anymore, or other similar sentiments 
  • Your child being unable to give a concrete reason why they hold said opinions 

Parental alienation can harm both you and your child. If left unaddressed, it can cause an irreparable rift between you. This is why it is crucial to learn how to recognize the signs so you may act quickly.