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What determines whether you receive spousal support in Ohio?

When your Ohio marriage ends, you may wonder whether you are going to be able to continue to enjoy the lifestyle you did during your marriage. If you feel as if maintaining your existing lifestyle is going to be difficult on your own, you may decide to pursue alimony during your divorce. 

According to the Ohio Legislature, when deciding whether to award you spousal support, Ohio courts consider a similar set of factors. The state also considers these factors when deciding how much to award you, and for how long. What are some of the areas a state considers when making determinations about spousal support? 

Your income and earning potential

How much you bring in on your own helps determine whether you receive alimony in Ohio, and so, too, does your ex’s income. Your ability to generate more income may also come into play. If you are nearing retirement age and lack many of the skills today’s employers demand, you may have an easier time obtaining spousal support than you would if you have a highly marketable professional skillset. 

The length of your marriage

While there is no hard and fast rule dictating as such, your chances of securing spousal support in Ohio often improve when your marriage was a long one. In a longer marriage, you may have made more sacrifices for the sake of your former partner, and this may raise the chances of you receiving alimony. 

Your retirement outlook

How much you and your ex each have tucked away for retirement may also impact whether you receive spousal support from an Ohio court. If your spouse has considerable retirement benefits available to him or her and you do not, this may elevate your odds of securing support.