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How divorce affects adult children

Ohio parents may think there is no need to worry about adult children when deciding to divorce. After all, they are older, have their own lives and do not have dependence in the way they did when they were young.

But because they do not have to deal with visitation schedules or custody does not mean it is easy. In fact, the transition between pre and post-divorce is often harder for adult children due to the lack of support they receive.

Parents lean on adult children during divorce

Divorce Magazine looks at ways that divorce can impact adult children. One adult child of divorce stated that being an adult did very little to prepare her for the split. In fact, adults are in a unique situation that other children of divorce at earlier ages cannot relate to. For example, studies show that parents often lean on their adult children as confidantes. There is an idea that adult children should feel emotionally equipped to handle their parent’s split when this is not often the case.

Gray divorces are on the rise

Bowling Green State University found that in 2010, 1 in 4 divorces were “gray divorces”. This means the divorce happened between people over 50 years of age. There is a subsequent rise in the age of children of divorce. Despite that, studies and abstracts continue to focus on families of divorce with younger children. This leaves adult children and their parents in the lurch.

Adult children often have to set boundaries they may feel uncomfortable setting. They may handle topics they are not emotionally equipped to deal with. It is important for divorcing parents to recognize the position their children get put in and work to avoid major pitfalls of gray divorce.