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Why is gray divorce on the rise?

These days, divorce is a topic among all age groups. While gray divorce has always been there, it is only in recent years that it is on the rise. Gray divorce involves any couple over 50 years of age. They may have been together for any amount of time.

But why is gray divorce on the rise recently? Is there any one factor that has pushed this forward?

Changes in society and health

Business Insider takes a look at the inner workings of gray divorce. This includes the potential reasons people have for getting them. First, the stigma around divorce has lessened over time. Once, getting a divorce could mean your exclusion from your local community. Women in particular dealt with this stigma. It hindered their ability to form connections in their community. This is no longer the case in many places, as divorce grows steadily more common.

Next, the average lifespan has increased over time. Even in your 50s, you may still have a long and fruitful life ahead of you. Someone who stayed with a spouse out of fear of spending the rest of their life alone may no longer have such concerns.

Reacting to a new period in life

Of course, the period after work when your kids have left the house is also a major time of readjustment. Many couples realize in this time that they have grown apart over the years. Sometimes, attempts to reconnect do not work out, and that is okay. Instead of dragging things along, couples choose to break them off amiably.

There are plenty of personal and unique reasons for gray divorces as well, the same as with every other divorce. But these seem to form the basis of the strongest driving factors.