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What is the link between child custody and support?

In general, child custody and support are two separate issues under the law. For example, if your child’s other parent fails to pay child support, it does not take away his or her custody rights. 

While support and custody do not impact each other in that type of way, there is still a connection between them when it comes to determining child support amounts. The Cincinnati Enquirer explains that custody is one of the factors a judge will use when calculating child support. 


In the past, Ohio did not allow for judges to do much more than run parents’ incomes through a calculation when figuring child support. The figures the judges used were quite outdated as well. However, in recent years, legislators decided it was time to update the system. 

The update added some additional considerations for judges to use. This includes looking at child custody, along with more modern income considerations. 

Custody impact

The judge will now look into your parenting time arrangement when deciding child support. Since the intent of support is to help a parent pay for the needs of a child during the time he or she has the child, it only makes sense that if you share time for you to share expenses, and the law now agrees. 

If you have your child for a large amount of time, the court may reduce the amount of child support you pay because you are already paying for the child’s care when he or she is with you. Your parenting time arrangement can have a significant impact on the amount of your child support order.