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Residency requirements for getting divorced in Ohio

If you wish to end your marriage, you need to consider the residency requirements associated with filing a divorce petition. It is important to note that these requirements vary from state to state and have a clear understanding of where Ohio stands on this matter. If you or your spouse do not satisfy these residency requirements, moving forward with your divorce in Ohio is not possible.

People need to relocate for various reasons, from career changes to financial commitments, and it is crucial to understand how relocation affects a divorce.

Ohio residency and the divorce process

According to the Ohio Revised Code, in order for a couple to file a divorce petition in the state, one of the parties must have resided in Ohio for at least six months right before the time they file a petition. Moreover, one filing a divorce petition needs to file paperwork in the appropriate county. If you live in another state (or even country), you could have the ability to file for a divorce outside of Ohio. However, courts outside of Ohio do not always have jurisdiction over certain divorce matters such as child support, property division, alimony and child custody.

Relocation and your divorce

If you plan to move out of Ohio, understand these residency requirements and plan accordingly. Sometimes, it is smart to postpone a move until completing the divorce process. Moreover, other legal concerns come up with regard to divorce and relocation. For example, if you have children, you need to review the legal issues that arise with regard to child custody and parental relocation.