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Understanding Parenting Time And Child Custody

There are many types of relationships that bring children into the world. For that child, it’s almost always in their best interest to spend time with each parent as they grow. But what is the right amount of time? Who is the “best” parent for the child to live with?

At Fogelman Law Firm, we understand that sometimes these issues can be complex. This is why we work with you to simplify the process. We make sure that you understand your options, rights and responsibilities so that the best solution can be reached.

The Sole And Shared Custody Difference

Sole custody generally means that the child lives with one parent, and that parent also makes the decisions about the child concerning health care, education and religion. Unless one parent is unfit or unable to parent, this is rare.

Physical custody of the child or children means which parent the child lives with. Physical custody can be sole, if the child or children live only with one parent, or shared if the child spends time at both homes.

Legal custody refers to who makes major decisions, such as those regarding medical care, education and religion, for the child or children. This can also be sole, where only one parent makes the decision, or shared, where both parents have a say in these matters.

In shared parenting, both parents discuss and agree to where the child should live and what should happen with the child or children. If parents can agree to co-parent and generally get along, then a shared parenting plan is a good option. These plans are created so that there is the least interruption to the child’s daily life as possible. So while the plan may afford both parents equal say, each parent may not spend equal time with the child or children. In some cases, the distance between the homes and school, sports and extracurricular activities make equal time impossible. In all cases, the Ohio Child Support Guidelines are used by the court to determine the child’s financial support.

How The Court Determines Best Interest

When determining custody, the Ohio court takes into consideration the wishes of the parents, what the children say they want and the mental and physical health (including criminal behavior and addiction issues) of the parents. The court will also look at how well the child can be expected to adjust to the school and community. The court will consider whether the parents can make joint decisions, if they are able to provide a mentally and physically healthy environment and if there is any history of abuse.

No matter if you are a single parent, divorced, thinking about getting divorced or separated, we can explain your child custody rights and options in clear, understandable language. We will let you know what steps to take to ensure the best for your family.

Move Forward Out Of Stress And Fear

At Fogelman Law Firm, we know that when it comes to children, emotions and fears can run high. We are here to help. We offer practical support and clear, understandable guidance. We will work with you to simplify the custody process. Call 513.548.5568 or send us an introductory email, and we will be in touch with you.