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Adoption: An Overview

Families come in all shapes and sizes. When stepparents and grandparents want to become a guardian, there are legal steps one must take. Fogelman Law Firm has helped families throughout Ohio take the necessary steps to do so. Many people aren’t sure of their rights, much less how to get started. Our lawyers can help you do just that.

Helping Stepparents And Grandparents Complete Their Family

If you are with a partner who has a child, they also become a significant part of your life. In order to do so, you need consent from both birth parents. The only time this doesn’t need to happen is when one of the birth parent’s rights have been terminated. Getting their permission means that they legally terminate all their rights and responsibilities to the child. If one party won’t agree to the adoption, you must prove that they are unfit.

Grandparents also have rights. A home study must be conducted, in order to ensure the child will be in a safe environment. After this is completed, a notice will be given to the parents. Age is an important factor, so being sure that you can physically and emotionally care for the child is also something the court will consider. Again, the rights of the biological parents must first be terminated.

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If you are interested in obtaining legal rights for a loved one, it is important to have an attorney. We can help protect your rights while making sure things get handled the right way. To contact one of our offices in the Cincinnati-metro area, call 513.548.5568 today. You can also fill out this contact form.