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Practical Guidance In Ohio Child Support

Child support in Ohio is based on the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. In most cases, judges will adhere to this formula to determine what you will pay or receive in child support. However, life is not static; it changes. Major life changes can require a modification to the amount of child support that is paid or received.

At Fogelman Law Firm, we understand that family law issues and divorce with children are stressful. This is why we prioritize your issue and give you the practical support and guidance you need to ensure your children are taken care of in the best manner possible.

How Ohio Child Support Is Determined

During a divorce, a couple with children will have to determine how much child support will be paid. In cases of unmarried parents, paternity may need to be established. The court uses the Ohio Child Support Guidelines as the guide to determine the amount of financial support.

Both parents must verify their incomes for the past six months. This can be done with pay stubs or income tax returns. If a parent is unable to pay because of a lack of funds and because they are unemployed, a “Seek Work Order” may be pursued. In some cases, there are credits and deductions to consider. These include day care costs and supporting other children.

Because each situation is different and because child support can be affected by many factors, it’s often helpful to sit down with an attorney who focuses on family law issues such as child support. The more information you have, the more empowered you are to make good decisions.

When Can You Request A Support Modification?

Either parent can request and file for a modification to the current child support agreement. There are four main reasons why a modification may be necessary. These reasons include:

  1. If the child changes their primary home and goes to live with the other parent
  2. If one parent has a significant change in employment and income
  3. If the paying parent has additional children
  4. If there are unexpected medical or educational expenses that arise

Child support in Ohio is based on factors that take into consideration what is possible and what is in the best interest of the child or children. Therefore, if something changes dramatically it usually indicates that a change in support may be necessary.

Lean On Us For The Child Support Guidance You Need

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