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How Divorce Is Different After The Age Of 50

Divorce at any age is never easy, but things may be different once you’ve reached a certain age. If you’re over the age of 50 and going through a separation, you face different choices. Fogelman Law Firm has helped clients throughout Ohio when they were unsure where to start. We can analyze your situation and guide you in the right direction. We are here to help.

Helpful Information You Should Know

For most couples going through a gray divorce, it is likely that any children you share are out of this house. It is also possible that you have already retired. This means working through retirement accounts and health care coverage. It also means dividing all of the assets you have acquired together. With so much to take care of, it’s important to have a knowledgeable attorney you can trust. Our firm will find creative solutions to your unique needs.

While the goal is to come up with an agreement that everyone can be comfortable with, not everything is in our control. The law has rules in place that dictate how things will be divided. For example, there are federal guidelines that establish how 401(k) plans are redistributed. On the other hand, the IRA depends strictly on state laws. No two cases are the same, which requires an experienced lawyer.

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