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What Is Dissolution Of Marriage?

Ohio permits spouses to terminate their marriage through a dissolution. A dissolution is like a divorce, but a divorce that is agreed upon by the parties completely. That is, no issues remain for the court to decide upon.

Dissolution petitions are signed by both spouses and the parties jointly ask the court to terminate their marriage, divide their assets, split their debts, and address how the spouses share time with any children.

A dissolution can be preferable to divorce in some cases. Dissolutions can be preferred because the cases usually reach a final order much faster than a divorce. The cost of these cases, both in terms of filing fees and attorney fees, are also lower. And, dissolutions allow the parties to decide how to divide property, how to split their debts, and how to handle relationships with the children.

Dissolutions have some disadvantages, though. Dissolution will not be granted unless the spouses agree on every aspect of the divorce. These cases also require a substantial trust that the other spouse is fully disclosing all assets because dissolution proceedings lack the formal discovery process that divorce provides. And, dissolutions require absolute agreement on every aspect of the marriage’s termination – which can be tough to reach in many cases.

You must understand the benefits and disadvantages of dissolution in your particular case before moving forward. So, we encourage you to speak with knowledgeable counsel. If you are ready to move forward with that process, we ask you to consider using our services at Fogelman Law Firm.

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